AndroVM moving to a commercial product

Dear all,

this is a great day for AndroVM. I’m happy to announce that the AndroVM project becomes a fully supported commercial product, backed by Genymobile.

To underline this change, the project name changes (who said again ? :-) ) from AndroVM to Genymotion.

Let me now describe what will be Genymotion. This product is aimed at replacing the Android Emulator from Google not only for Android developers but also for people making Android apps demonstrations (sales, marketing people).

Genymotion is being developed towards three directions :

  • Performance : the fastest Android emulator mainly thanks to x86 support and Hardware OpenGL (improved from what’s available in the stock emulator)
  • Simplicity : we want an easy to install, easy to use product, hiding the technological complexity behind the scene (VirtualBox, Hardware OpenGL, …)
  • Emulation completeness : we want most sensors to be emulated with easy-tu-use widgets, Voice call emulation, NFC, Bluetooth, and more…

The first beta version of Genymotion will be available in about one month – launched at the Droidcon in Paris, that’s one more good reason to attend if needed :-)

Some of you might fear that the project goes closed source and/or are forced to pay in order to use Genymotion. I want to reassure you :

  • Everything open source today will stay open source and will even expand : our strategy is that all Genymotion “basic functions” are open source (VirtualBox support, Different Android version support) and we aimed the open source version of Genymotion to go beyond the needs of the commercial version, especially in terms of Virtualization product support by supporting virtualization environments like Xen or VMWare. If you would like to participate in this development, feel free to contact me.
  • Genymotion will have a free version, with many many advanced functions (sensors emulation, GPS, multi-touch support, …) which will should make your development/testing/demonstration work easier

There will obviously be paying versions of the product, mainly for large companies needing collaboration on Genymotion.

The web site is up, you can visit it and register your email address to be informed as soon as the product is released.

Feel free to comment/ask questions on this change.

Best regards,


23 thoughts on “AndroVM moving to a commercial product

  1. Excellent news. Congratulations and I’m looking forward to what GenyMotion / AvdroVM will produce in the future. It has certainly been a huge benefit for me as an Android developer over emulators and real devices.

  2. In other words, the free version will be crippled so bad that you have to buy the paid version. Also open source will be forgotten soon.

    • I understand you can have some doubts about what I say.
      I can only reassure you that :
      - Everything currently open source will stay open source
      - Everything free (basically everything available today) will remain free
      I don’t think what’s available today is so bad with more than 300k downloads.


      • So, when you say “Everything free (basically everything available today) will remain free”, does it mean that all enhancements (e.g. copy and paste between Android and Windows) will not be free?

        • Hi
          That mean AT LEAST what’s available today remain free.
          But in practice the free version will include many new features, as sensors emulation or GPS. We didn’t specifically talked about the copy/paste function but I see no reason why it wouldn’t be part of the free version.


          • When you say free version, do you mean free as in Beer or is it actually open source? No I am not talking about already Open source versions, but rather new versions as developed by Genymotion.

          • There will be 3 “levels” of products in Genymotion :
            - Open source
            - Free
            - Paying

            Basically the open source edition will contain everything needed to run Android on virtualization platforms.
            The free version (Open source + proprietary features) will add tools useful for developers (sensors emulation, fake GPS, …).
            The paying version would be useful for companies with collaboration features.


  3. hope for the best. right now i’m using androvm instead of bluestak because of the vbox and root support. good luck

  4. I have installed it . But I having a problem using Whatsapp from it. As it is showing an error : Cannot connect to the Tab .

    Suggest some other way round.

    • You would have to root an old* version of bluestacks, install Whatsapp, activate it with your phone, back up Whatsapp .apk and data with Titanium Backup**, and then restore the back up on AndroVM.

      *I haven’t done this in quite a long time so I don’t know if you can root modern versions.
      **Titanium Backup needs root access, that’s why we need to root bluestacks.

  5. First of all, congratz on this big step forward. With this comes recognition of your work done so far in a more palpable way! Hope you do keep to impress and also that you keep to your statements regarding publishing policies and all that :D

    In any case, I’m just curious if in the features to come is included a PC mouse integration in order to use/play large games (>1GB), which right now seems to be a hindrance towards the display of features or “making Android apps demonstrations (sales, marketing people)”. (Or that issue has already been corrected and I’m really sleeping here o.O)

    Anyway, once again, congratulations
    Best regards

  6. congrats on going commercial. quick question. is there anyway to get HD video playback to work? currently youtube will play but only if its on non-hd. most other apps also won’t load videos. probably not the right place ask for support but i can’t find any other contact or forum.

  7. Well, just discovered this after having played with android-x86 on vbox a while ago and I must say I’m amazed! This is working great on an old core2 I have hooked up to the tv, running ubuntu 12.04 and xbmc, android is great for stuff like google play music, the tablet interface is much nicer from 10ft than the web player. So, here’s the question, what about google tv? I’m not sure how open it is as a platform, but it’d be great for home theater pcs.

  8. Congratulations, Dan. Is there any chance that androvm player become open-source?

    • Not the last Qt based player (the one with the buttons on the right).
      But I’m releasing the previous one based on SDL.


  9. Hey Dan,

    I have tried to run Blood Brothers, Please Stay Calm, etc (Basically mobage games) in AndroVM without success. Those just close and say something happened that caused the app to close.

    So I loaded up Virtual Player, and the games loaded, but they hang at the “Connecting to network, or preparing” screens, and never actually load the game.

    Any thoughts?

    • Hi,
      we’ve improved the houdini support in the soon-to-be-released Genymotion beta.
      I’ve already tested Blood Brothers and it now runs correcly :-) as well as other games like Subway Surfers or Bad Piggies.
      I think many games will be able to run on Genymotion.


  10. Hi Dan!
    The issue of scrambled browsers, enabling open GL acceleration (with some graphic cards) has been solved on Genymotion?

    Signed for Genymotion beta, too ;-)

    • Yes !
      That’s an other good news for the Genymotion release, it was very difficult to track but I finally found the problem.


  11. I’m using AndroVM with Oracle VM VirtualBox. Can someone please tell me how to change 16 bit color to 32 bit color?

  12. You did a good job! It’s great to go commercial and hope you could get the revenue from your hard work. Good thing should have a price label.AndroVM is really a good stuff to solve many problem so far,and thanks for your effort on it. Looking forward for your new versions. :)